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Ahoy! We are the Wild Harbour Fish Company, a family-run local sustainable fishmonger. We have an outstanding national reputation for supplying top-quality, sustainable fish and shellfish to many of the country’s top chefs & restaurants. We are overjoyed to announce the launch of our new venture, Coast To Home, where we can deliver the same high-quality seafood that we provide to Michelin-starred chefs directly to you at home!


Shellfish caught off the Cornish coast in September & October are among the world’s best, with an exquisite flavour. Fresh shellfish, such as lobsters, mussels, cockles, scallops and prawns, are available for next-day delivery nationwide when ordered online.


We have an enviable reputation for supplying top-quality, sustainable fish and shellfish to many of the country’s top chefs across the country. You can cook the same high-quality seafood that Michelin-starred chefs order at home.

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Fresh & Sustainable Seafood Coast To Home

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Popular Cornish Seafood

We could all use more sustainable seafood in our diets, not only because it’s delicious and diverse, but also because it’s good for us.
Any day may be fish day with our tantalising selection of fresh white, oily, and shellfish. Our delicious sustainable fish is obtained by local day boat fishermen, guaranteeing the highest restaurant grade seafood is delivered to your door in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Happy Sea Foodies

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Coast To Home

We source the majority of our fresh fish from small independent fishermen and in-shore day boats.
Our fish is landed the day before we hand-prepare your order, ensuring we deliver the freshest possible fish that’s prepped for cooking.

Today's Fresh Catch

It all begins at sea. Each morning, we receive fresh fish from our trusted community of Cornish in-shore day boats.

We Prep & Pack

Your seafood is expertly filleted & prepared to order and packaged within a temperature controlled eco-friendly box.

Delivered To Home

Next Day UK Mainland Delivery, fresh seafood to your home within 48 hours of the day boat catch landing here in Cornwall.

Wild, Fresh & Fair 

Founded in 2012,  Wild Harbour Fish Company c/o Coast To Home is a destination for fish that is caught sustainably and in harmony with nature. We create links between ethical day boat fishermen who we know and trust, and with you, our customers. 

Our ethics and values are deep-rooted to the core of our business. We passionately believe in producing wholesome natural food that has been grown with the respect of nature. Our principles have not changed for 10 years, and you can rest assured that we will continue to produce seafood that you can trust completely.

Ethical & Sustainable Seafood

We work alongside local fishermen, developing relationships that are still going strong nearly ten years later.
We ensure that the fish we buy is from the small, under 10 feet fleet, that use fishing methods, like hook and line, which have been in practice for hundreds of years and are proven to be sustainable. These smaller boats, usually only manned by a single fisherman, are also able to ensure the exceptional quality we demand by using the ‘slush ice method’ which bring the core temperature of fish down incredibly quickly, preserving that ‘just caught’ quality.

As well as supporting the most sustainable methods of inshore fishing, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint to help protect the local environment and sustain our planet. We are proud to have achieved carbon neutrality by estimating and offsetting its entire emissions through Carbon Neutral Britain through 2021. Wild Harbour has opted to offset through the Climate Fund, a non-profit organization that assists poor nations in combating climate change and alleviating poverty.

Seafood Inspiration

Crispy Cod Sandwich

Crispy Cod Sandwich

This healthy baked fish sandwich recipe eliminates the need for frying while maintaining all of the crispness. The wire rack ensures that the baked cod is crispy on all sides.

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Cornish Crab Cakes

Cornish Crab Cakes

Flecked with scallions and bell pepper, these healthy crab cakes are as flavorful as their higher-fat counterparts. We brown them first on the stovetop and then finish them in a hot oven–no need for frying.

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Whole Fish in a Salt Crust

Whole Fish in a Salt Crust

It may appear intimidating to roast a whole huge fish in a salt crust, but it’s actually fairly simple. It’s as simple as placing the fish on top of a salt bed and patting a layer of salt over it.

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