It All Began At Sea

We’re Wild Harbour Fish Company, the premium provider of seasonal wild, fresh and fair seafood. We source superior seafood from the local day boat fisherman of Cornwall, who fish the inshore waters with lines, nets and pots, the most sustainable fishing methods, producing little by-catch or discards. Most of the boats are owner-operated, single-handed, landing their catch daily on the Wild Harbours of Cornwall. Since 2012, we have proudly supplied seafood to Michelin-stared restaurants and chefs across Britain and Europe, who share a passion for the highest quality, sustainably-caught Cornish seafood. 

Over the past decade, we’ve held some of the most accredited awards for sustainability within our industry including; Sustainable Restaurant Association, Seafood Cornwall and SW Handline Fishermen Association. We are proud to have been awarded the Cornwall Sustainability Accreditation, giving us official sustainability company status. We’re certain that it’s our ethical fishing choices that create the unbeatable flavours found in the seafood we procure. 

In partnership with our well-established and successful wholesale fishery business Wild Harbour Fish Company, we launched Coast To Home in 2020 to bring restaurant quality sustainable seafood to home’s across the UK.

As a family run independent fishery, we work closely with the local day boat fishermen of Cornwall and the wider community. We’re incredibly proud to provide true sustainable & in-season seafood. We are also partner with several other associations such as Cornwall Good Seafood Guide to bring you in-season, ethically caught, skilfully prepared and flavoursome fish of exceptional quality – all year round. 

proud to be carbon neutral

We are proud to have achieved carbon neutrality by estimating and offsetting its entire emissions through Carbon Neutral Britain through 2021. Wild Harbour has opted to offset through the Climate Fund, a non-profit organization that assists poor nations in combating climate change and alleviating poverty.

Our Mission

Founded in 2012, Wild Harbour Fish Company is a destination for fish that is caught sustainably and in harmony with nature. We create links between ethical day boat fishermen who we know and trust, and with you, our customers. 

Our ethics and values are deep-rooted to the core of our business. We passionately believe in producing wholesome natural food that has been grown with the respect of nature. Our principles have not changed for 10 years, and you can rest assured that we will continue to produce seafood that you can trust completely. 

We work with small-scale day boat fishermen based within 30 miles of our HQ in Hayle, Cornwall. We believe in supporting our local day boat fishermen, it not only keeps the fishing community alive and well in Cornwall but also promotes the most sustainable methods of catching and enjoy fish and shellfish. We have built strong and trusting relationships with our fishermen on a handshake and a belief to produce food the right way. 

Sustainable Community

Wild Harbour works alongside local fishermen, developing relationships that are still going strong nearly ten years later. We ensure that the fish we buy is from the small, under 10 metre fleet, that use fishing methods, like hook and line, which have been in practice for hundreds of years and are proven to be sustainable. These smaller boats, usually only manned by a single fisherman, are also able to ensure the exceptional quality we demand by using the ‘slush ice method’ which bring the core temperature of fish down incredibly quickly, preserving that ‘just caught’ quality.

For us, true sustainability also includes building sustainable communities. Proper sustainable fishing needs to have an economic benefit to the community. It is no good having fishermen and supply chain unable to make a living for their families, as this only leads to unfair pressure on principles. We work with our fishermen, and we agree upfront and fair prices for the fish they catch. 

By supporting our local fishery, your money is going back into the community. It is helping ensure our oceans beds are not destroyed, the biodiversity of our fish is kept balanced, and importantly it is securing a future for small-scale fishermen. 

Pioneering Seasonal Seafood

Wild fish stocks are rapidly falling due to the rise of aquaculture and damaging fishing practices such as bottom trawling and longline fishing. Choosing wild seafood that is in season can help the oceans recover and give you, the eater, peace of mind about your dinner.

In this day and age, it is possible to source almost any species of fish at any time of year. However, to do so risks damaging delicate stocks and relying on sources further away from home, thus impacting the environment. We therefore exclusively buy fish from the UK and work with the fish species available during that time of year.

The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide publishes a monthly list of recommended species, which aims to inform fish buyers and consumers about the changing nature of local stocks, and what is in-season. We continue to work closely with them, monitoring species and fishing methods, to ensure we operate as sustainably as possible.

Provenance Assured

The unique natural environment on the west coast of Cornwall and the in-shore fisherman who fish them, is the fabric woven into the provenance of our wild, fresh & fair seafood.

We are committed to operating in an environmentally respectful way. The natural environment in which we source is central to ensuring a sustainable business and high quality seafood. Robust environmental management procedures are integral to all our operations to ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and driving continual improvement across the business. We appreciate our role as custodians of our natural environment. Considerable emphasis is placed on minimising the potential impact our activities could have on local ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife.

We recognise our broader responsibility to engage, support and work collaboratively in our wider environment. We are involved in various local projects focusing on wild fish interests, including research and habitat. An example is our involvement is our ongoing work with our local fisherman to secure funding for more sustainable fishing equipment and educating consumers on seasonality of fish species.

Wild, Fresh & Fair 

Our team & fisherman are at the heart of our business. Their passion, dedication and expertise are essential for producing the finest quality Cornish seafood.

Every order we take through our online app and over the telephone is hand prepared, at our premises, with fish fresh of the local day boats, then carefully packed for reliable, speedy delivery. That’s why certain items aren’t always available; it all depends on what the Cornish tide brings in.

As one of UK’s leading providers of wholesale seasonal fish and shellfish in Cornwall, we respect the role that sustainable fishing plays in the remote and rural areas in which we operate. We are committed to providing quality employment, developing staff, sourcing locally and engaging with local communities.

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