After years of supporting sustainable practices within the fishing industry, we took steps into becoming carbon-neutral. We are proud to have achieved carbon neutrality in 2021 for both our Wild Harbour Fish Company & Coast To Home by estimating and offsetting our entire company emissions through the Carbon Natural Britain in 2021. We are continually moving towards an overall reduction of the energy and carbon we produce, as well as offsetting. Urgent action is needed in order to care of and save our planet, and as a business, we are excited to be part of that mission as we pursue our journey of total business sustainability.

Why did we decide to become Carbon Neutral?

There is no doubt that the planet requires us all to drastically reduce the amount of carbon and waste we produce as soon as possible. As a company, we take our responsibilities seriously, working constantly to improve our environmental and social impact. We have taken consistent small steps over the years to ensure that the actions we take have minimal negative consequences, such as using eco-friendly packaging throughout the company and turning off lights and heating in unused rooms.

How did we do it?

The first step in understanding how to reduce your carbon footprint is determining how much you have and which areas are the most harmful. An assessment of the company allowed us to see exactly where we were wasting the most energy and emitting the most carbon, allowing us to start working on solutions to reduce them.

This first step can be completed independently, but we chose to have Carbon Neutral Britain calculate it to ensure the most accurate and detailed results. We chose Carbon Neutral Britain after weeks of researching various companies because they worked alongside you throughout the process of becoming carbon-neutral, offering support and guidance at any stage. There are numerous companies eager to assist businesses, offering a variety of packages to meet their requirements.

We were able to choose which offsetting portfolio we wanted after calculating our carbon emissions and began working on reducing our emissions. This is a continuous process as we strive to reduce the amount of unsustainable energy we use, rather than relying on balancing the environmental cost later.

What’s Next For Us?

Offsetting is a contentious solution. It is an excellent option for mitigating emissions that cannot be reduced or created sustainably; however, it risks causing additional problems in the future. We want to be fully supportive of the environment, so we will continue to strive to produce as few carbon emissions as possible. Rather than compensating later, it is a far healthier and more efficient process, to begin with sustainable practises in the first place. Because Wild Harbour Fish Company and Coast To Home are reputable seafood suppliers, we value legitimacy and honesty. Everyone has a responsibility because we all live and thrive on this planet, and we are eager to do our part as a company.

We want to help lead the way to a sustainable future, taking action and responsibility to provide an example of what can be done, as well as encouraging others to follow. Offering support for other businesses as we tell our story and collectively work for a brighter, greener planet.

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