Eco-friendly packaging

Let’s face it. Packaging can be a headache……..

At Coast To Home, we’ve put a lot of attention into the packaging of our products. You can see that what we’re aiming for with is high-quality, sustainable fish at a reasonable price. We want to provide the greatest, tastiest, and most environmentally responsible product possible. We must also consider the condition in which our products arrive at your door. Temperature regulation is critical when it comes to seafood.

Many of our competitors choose to save money by supplying their products in large polystyrene boxes that are, quite bluntly, are nasty, squeaky horrors for the environment. We simply didn’t feel confident putting our produce in them. As a result, we sought an alternative.

We think our packaging solution is much more befitting of the sustainable produce we place inside.

Sensible packaging, it is easy for you to recycle and reuse. Most importantly though, once packed up, it’ll keep your order at the required temperature for at least 36 hours. Which gives us plenty of time to get it to you.

Cardboard Boxes

The delivery box you will receive is made of 100% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. It has been tested to ensure it deals with all the weight we place within.

Water-filled Ice Packs

The refrigerant pad in your box can be reused – frozen, it will stay cool for a long time. Perfect for your picnic or day out! Or you can empty the water contents in a drain as it’s completely safe.

100% Recycled WoolCool Insulation

The recycled WoolCool provides insulation for both hot and cold products and can be easily recycled with your household recycling or creatively used around the home.

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