Anchovy Fillets – (200g)

Anchovy Fillets – (200g)


To retain the flavour and quality of these little silvery fish, they are split, peeled, and then marinated in oil. Try them on a pizza or in a summer salad; you may choose from plain oil, hot smoked, or red pepper flavours.

Anchovy Fillets are a premium quality delicacy of boneless and skinned Anchovy fillets, marinated in alittle extra virgin olive oil, with no preservatives, additives or any chemical processing.

• Ingredients: Anchovy fillets, marinade of 5% oil
• Net content:200g
• Packaging: glass jar
• Storage: keep refrigerated

Served as an excellent meze for ouzo, raki and vodka and in a salad, pasta, pizza or seafood sauce.

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