Dozen Cornish King Scallops Meat

Dozen Cornish King Scallops Meat


King scallops are a true luxury seafood delicacy, and none are better than the Cornish scallops gathered along the coast. They have white spherical meat, stunning orange roe, and a peculiar sweet flavour that will not disappoint. Our King Scallops are sourced from vessels fishing inshore seas off the Cornish coast.

Our scallop meat is carefully shucked by our skilled scallop shuckers, leaving only the delicious meat and roe. Freshly frozen for maximum freshness, provided in a sealed pack of 12 pieces.

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Sourced from small, inshore Cornish boats, we've been supporting Cornish scallop fishermen for generations. 

Our Cornish king scallops are large and juicy, and they are delivered to you cut from the shell for your convenience. For a hearty main course amount, we recommend 3 scallops per person, giving this product a serving size of 3 to 4. We've been collecting Falmouth Bay scallops from inshore Cornish fishing boats for over 25 years, and we believe they have the best, purest flavour of any. Scallop meat is separated into two parts: scallop meat and crescent-shaped, vivid orange roe. Both sections are wonderful and can be made at the same time; simply pan-fried for 4-5 minutes with a little butter, rotating halfway through.

Supplied as 12 pieces, sealed and freshly frozen for freshness.

Nutritional information per 100g:

KCAL: 112 kcal
FAT: 1g
SALT: 0.07g

Rich in vitamin B12, vitamin B6, selenium and phosphorous

Product specification

Storage Instructions Best eaten immediately. Store in the fridge between 0ºC-5ºC, and eat within 2-3 days. If you don’t plan to eat within 3 days, then freeze on day of delivery and eat within 3 months. Defrost in the fridge overnight. Do not refreeze.
Ingredients Contain's: SHELLFISH.
Dietary For allergens see ingredients in BOLD.
Source Cornwall

Additional information

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