Salmon Roe – (100g)

Salmon Roe – (100g)


Salmon roe pearls to add a little something extra to any seafood dish, great on blinis or as a garnish for any salmon dish. Salmon roe keeps for a long time in the fridge and cannot be frozen, so add any other fresh item to your purchase, and we’ll package them together.

100g Glass Jar

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Because of its rich, salty flavour and juicy texture, salmon caviar or salmon roe is the most popular alternative caviar. The roe is brilliant orange and roughly the size of a pea, and the experience of it exploding in your mouth is always a joy! Salmon caviar goes well with sushi and sashimi as well.

Keta is another name for salmon roe. It's a tasty addition to fish dishes, sushi rolls, and even quails egg canapes. This delectable and adaptable roe has a plethora of uses.

Please keep in mind that the product must be refrigerated once received.

Salmon (fish) roe (96%) (oncorhynchus keta)

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