Ultimate Seasonal Fish Indulgence Feast Box

Ultimate Seasonal Fish Indulgence Feast Box


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While we consider all of our sustainable seafood boxes to be premium, we’ve created a *New* bundle for you to enjoy. Our Ultimate Fish Indulgence Feast Box is now available. If variety is what you’re looking for, this is the box for you. Dive into this bundle to uncover a variety of beautiful white fish portions, oily fish, whole fish, and fix pie mix. Perfect for anyone passionate about seafood and crafting restaurant-quality dishes at home.

20 Portions

A selection of highly favoured products for seafood lovers and those whole like to wine and dine. Not only are you getting a healthy assortment of produce that's been landed fresh in Cornwall, but you're also getting meaty portion sizes and divine quality. The Ultimate Fish Indulgence Feast Box would make the perfect gift for someone with a varied or experimental palate when it comes to seafood.
Your bundle will arrive fresh (not frozen) and each product will be individually packaged within an eco-friendly insulated box with ice packs to keep everything ice-cold, and freshness locked in. Embark on a seafood odyssey and experience divine quality and flavour. All packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Ultimate Fish Indulgence Feast Box Includes:
A box will contain 20 portions of fish in total, these will be a mixture of the beautiful, season species Cornwall has to offer.

4 x Individual fillets such as Plaice, Gurnard and Lemon Sole
2 x Large fillets (each serving 2 people) such as Pollock or Coley
4 x Portions such as Hake or Cod
4 x Whole Fish (Each serving 1 person) such as Mackerel, Red Mullet or Dover Sole (Whole fish can be cleaned, trimmed and oven-ready)
1 x Luxury Fish Pie Mix - enough to make a 'Family-sized pie'

The photograph is for illustrative purposes only. See text for actual contents. This box may change from time to time.

Our fish boxes are filled with sustainably caught, in-season fish that are landed daily on the shores of Cornwall by our trusted local day boat fishermen. Each week, the species in our boxes change depending on fish availability and what's in season. For maximum freshness, all of our fish boxes are packaged and filleted to order on the day of despatch and are clearly labelled for your convenience.

Fresh Fish Origins
Coast To Home is a prominent provider of high-quality seafood to customers all around the UK. We deliver some of the finest fruits of the sea to restaurants, seafood specialists, premium caterers, wholesalers and homes who recognize that quality is king when it comes to fish, ranging from Plaice and Mackerel to Lemon Sole, Cod, and Hake. At Coast To Home, we prioritize provenance and sustainability, and we work directly with Cornish fishermen to protect local fisheries. We also work with the local community to ensure that their community is cared for and protected for future generations.

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1 review for Ultimate Seasonal Fish Indulgence Feast Box

  1. coasttohome

    The fish delivery that came was honestly the best “fish box” I have had so far (and I have tried a few) – the quality and freshness of the fish is outstanding – to the point that when I open the box I know it’s fresh as it doesn’t smell of fish!! I will be ordering again – as I really rate the product and what you as a company are trying to do. Keep up the good work!!

    Harry H

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