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What’s Good Right Now?

In this day and age, it is possible to source almost any species of fish at any time of year. However, to do so risks damaging delicate stocks and relying on sources further away from home, thus impacting the environment. We therefore exclusively buy fish from the UK and work with the fish species available during that time of year.

The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide publishes a monthly list of recommended species, which aims to inform fish buyers and consumers about the changing nature of local stocks, and what is ‘in-season. We continue to work closely with them, monitoring species and fishing methods, to ensure we operate as sustainably as possible.

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Why Does Seafood Have Seasons?

“There are plenty of fish in the sea” is what they say, but if that’s true, why do people eat only a few distinct species? If you ask someone what their favourite fish or seafood is, they may respond salmon, tuna, crab, or shrimp. While the ocean contains a world of delicacies, much of the western world is limited to a few widely consumed species. Unfortunately, as the demand for the popular species surged, the fishing industry has overlooked the cycle of which fish spawn, grown and develop and as result seafood is harvested all year round. The issue of overfishing has a detrimental effect on the environment, and it’s never going to be a sustainable way of sourcing fishing. 

Seafood seasonality is determined by the times when fish are at their highest harvest and abundance, not by the climate seasons. You probably aren’t too familiar with this unless you work in the fishing industry or live in a coastal location. The seasonality of fish, on the other hand, has a direct impact on its long-term viability. If fish are harvested during the spawning season, for example, populations may be depleted. By purchasing out-of-season fish, you are not only harming fish stocks, but you are also increasing the ‘true cost’ of your dinner by adding additional transportation costs. Aside from the environmental damage, out-of-season seafood isn’t as good as fresh local fish.

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