Our commitment to sustainability

Championing Traditional & Sustainable Fishing

Certified as sustainable fishery for almost 10 years, we know by following the true principles of sustainable fishing we bring confidence to consumers. Buying sustainable seafood gives you a guarantee that the produce has been caught when it’s naturally in season using ethical catch methods and has full traceability back the boat.

It’s important to us to avoid environmentally damaging trawl & commercial fishing boats that compromise the ocean bed’s wellbeing and damage species population, which has a much wider effect on climate change. Instead, we strive to create healthy oceans, fertile fish species and promote biodiversity. Also, essential to us is making sure that all our fishermen treat produce with the respect it deserves, ensuring high welfare and returning younger & breeding fish back to the oceans. All of our produce is fully traceable and audited, we can provide transparency and assurance of where your seafood has been sourced & prepared.

At Coast To Home, we’re foodies with a huge wealth if knowledge and ties to local fishermen, and this assurance is really important to us. Talking the talk is one thing, walking the walk and meeting standards of an approved sustainable fishery is another. This reaffirms why we choose to work with trusted day boat fishermen who share our same passion for catch method and seasonality of fish species.

There is pressure on fishermen throughout the world to catch more, do it quickly and for less money. This inevitably has an impact on our ocean’s biodiversity and ocean conditions, adding to environmental issues and making it impossible for a future generation to carry on fishing. We want to make sure that our sea’s continue to be productive, so we take a long term approach to protecting ocean species and supporting local day boats, while producing top-quality, nutritious seafood.

Winning the Best Sustainable Food Business award for the best Sustainable Fishmongers in Cornwall in 2018 is a huge accomplishment for us. It was fantastic to be recognised for the team and all of the fantastic day boat fishermen with whom we work. It has given us confidence that what we do is valuable – we hope you agree!

proud to be carbon neutral

We are proud to have achieved carbon neutrality by estimating and offsetting its entire emissions through Carbon Neutral Britain through 2021. Wild Harbour has opted to offset through the Climate Fund, a non-profit organization that assists poor nations in combating climate change and alleviating poverty.

Protecting The Environment

We strive to make every aspect of our business as environmentally friendly as possible.

As well as supporting the most sustainable methods of inshore fishing, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint to help protect the local environment and sustain our planet. As we continue on our mission to “make a difference” in the environment, we will strive to become a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable small business.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

We are proud to deliver the majority of our products in superior eco-friendly packaging; we use a natural material called Wool Cool. It has excellent insulation qualities and is completely reusable and biodegradable. In addition, we use fully recyclable boxes and reusable ice packs.

Zero Waste Company Practices

We strive towards zero waste in all aspects of our business. We are proud to work with the local agricultural community in Cornwall, supplying waste fish off-cuts to generate fertiliser for vegetables and crops.

Good Seafood Guide

We are allied with the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust since their inception. We work closely with them to ensure that the fish we sell is ‘recommended’, and that we remain active in local affairs.

Supporting Local Fisherman

The majority of our fish comes from the local Cornish fleet of day boats, fishing the inshore waters with lines, nets, and pots, the most sustainable of fishing methods, producing little by-catch or discards. 

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